I am fascinated and repulsed by blogging. It comes in spurts. There are times when I am motivated to write and I think it an excellent tool for exercise. I spend a day creating a blog, setting it up, choosing a theme, selecting a title, reformatting the layout, writing a bio, selecting fonts and text color that may in some way give it a less standard, more personal look (reminding myself along the way that is never really possible using a layout wizard)… You see where I am going here. It becomes a form of writer’s procrastination.

In the next step I begin looking through blogs, attempting to find several of interest to follow. I typically start with my own flights of fancy of the moment. This time: the simple lifestyle. After half an hour I realize that I should have searched the term frugal lifestyle or St. Francis of Assisi or travel. Anything else. I find too many webpages focused on products and people who are into interior decorating using a minimalist approach. Imagine … photos of an Amish style kitchen, stark with beautiful clean lines and light. The centerpiece is a table that clearly retails at several thousand dollars. The view from the window overlooking the table is of multimillion dollar real estate. Quirky coffee mugs with a single plate holding a vegetarian delicacy that appears to have been created by a garde manger. Although! the ingredients are all from a neat little herb garden which is pictured with evenly spaced rows and perfectly formed plants in which dirt is not visible. At this point I reach the phase where I am repulsed by blogging and can find no one to follow who has a sense of humor concerning the ‘sport’ of blogging.

I then move on to the next and final step, usually the next day. I make a post. It starts out in a ‘hurky’ manner coming out in bits and pieces. Words begin to flow and I am somewhat satisfied, feeling as if I have accomplished a start, made a beginning. That I may have done, yet tomorrow arrives and I only have a rough idea of what I will write. I decide to mull it over and put it all down on the page the next day. The next day turns out to be busy with work or an errand or it is a weekend and I cannot concentrate because there is to much to do with family. The next few days pass and weeks begin to bleed into months. At some point I find myself back at the blog looking at it like an old boyfriend. Wondering what ever possessed me to get started at it in the first place.

Two new approaches this time: no bio (it zaps writing momentum early on) and a topic for the next post (whether it is actually used or not).

Tomorrow’s topic (or the next day!): Toastmasters – the dreaded Icebreaker

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