Summer library time…

I haven’t taken an opportunity to sit down and read at a public library in years. It’s nice to be back. Seven years ago I went back to uni to earn my M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and gave up fiction reading until I finished my thesis in 2008. Halfway through thesis writing I realized that I was filled with novel ideas. Not novel to academics, but novel writing. Only lately after a downsize and layoff at my non-profit job have I started following through with writing. I am reading Stolen Souls based in Belfast, the city where I conducted my M.A. research. I ended up spending an hour and a half of pure read time while hubby was in an interview for a librarian position. Image

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2 thoughts on “Summer library time…

  1. I saw a recent documentary on Ulysses. Was struck my the observation that no Irishman reads it because we already know whats in it. … Catholics never read the Bible cos they already know whats in it. Its one of those books that people tend to buy but never actually read. I have actually read it but not cover to cover. Its an episodic book and can be read in eoisodes.

    • Where I grew up they all read the Bible but the classics were pretty much overlooked. I find myself at a loss in finding the literary meanings within the episodes.

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